What is VolRentals? The best off-campus group houses available at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Read Our FAQ!


  1. General

    1. What is VolRentals?

      VolRentals is short for Volunteer Rentals. We manage off-campus houses that are available at University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.

    2. Why should I rent an off-campus house?

      In short... freedom. No more worries about thin dorm room walls or nosy apartment neighbors. It's just you and your friends enjoying a home you can be proud of while you live your college experience.

    3. How do I find out more about the houses?

      We have some basic information online. To schedule a showing, email, call or text the local property manager at knoxville@volrentals.com or 865-274-7286. Be sure to provide your full name, phone number, email address and group size, along with any questions you may have. During showing season, we can be very busy, so make sure to email, call or text again if your inquiry is not returned within 48 business hours.

    4. What makes your houses the best?

      All of our houses are recently remodeled and have great features, like big bedrooms, central heat and air, washers and dryers, etc. We specialize in working with students, so we're experienced in guiding first time renters and handling problems that sometimes occur. A great house AND great management is the key to a great off-campus rental!

    5. What's involved in renting a house?

      The most important thing is to start with a solid group. Make sure that you and your group are committed to renting a house, and that everyone has a monthly budget and parental permission. There's nothing worse than seeing a great house and then losing it to another group because one of your friends hasn't talked to his/her parents. Once everyone is committed though, you're ready to schedule a showing. Find an available house on this site and then email us with your name, phone number, email address and group size, or call or text the local property manager at 865-274-7286. We'll get back to you with showing times as soon as we can. Good luck!

    6. When do showings start?

      Normally, showings start on February 1 of each year for occupancy starting August 5. Current tenants have until January 31 to sign a renewal lease for the following year, otherwise, the property will show to new potential tenants.

    7. How does showing day work?

      Because of high demand, we generally show houses to more than one group at a time. To stay organized, we take one group at a time through the house, starting with the first full group to arrive for the showing. At the end of the tour, we ask the group if they are ready to commit to the house. If all lessees agree to commit, and sign the lease, we discontinue showing the house. If not, we proceed to the next group. Therefore it is important to have your full group present for the showing, arrive early, and have already reviewed our lease agreement and received your parents permission, if needed, to sign the lease after showing and provide a deposit. We only accept personal check or ACH (electronic check). You may also want to review, print and/or complete our application form before you arrive for showing. All of our downloadable forms are on the Contact Page

    8. What is the rental term?

      Our normal rental term is from August 5th at 6pm until July 30th at 9am. Rent is based on the full contract amount, divided into 12 equal installments due the first of each month beginning August 1. A deposit and fee equal to one month's payment is due at the lease signing. Please note that the only method of payment we accept for monthly rent payments is electronic bank draft (ACH). For deposit, we accept personal checks or ACH with a voided check and signed ACH agreement.